Brookwood Global Products Brochure 2020

Front page 1
About Brookwood Global 2
GCP online training - specifically for sponsors 4
Essential GCP for Sponsors 4
GCP Refresher for Sponsors 1 - tallest building challenge 5
GCP Refresher for Sponsors 2 - inspection challenge 5
GCP online training for investigators and site staff 6
Essential GCP for Investigators 6
GCP Refresher for Investigtors 1 - tallest building challenge 7
GCP Refresher for Investigtors 2 - inspection challenge 7
GCP Electronic books 8
Essential Good Clinical Practice 8
Indexed ICH GCP Guidelines with Integrated Addendum E6(R2) 8
12 Golden GCP Rules for Investigators 8
10 Golden GCP Rules for Trial Pharmacists 9
15 Golden IND/GCP Rules for Investigators 9
12 Golden ISO14155:2011 Rules for Medical Device Trials 9
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 10
The Principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Online Training 10
A Guide to European Data Protection (Electronic & paper book) 11
General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (Electronic & paper book) 11
Pharmacovigilance 12
PV for ALL online training 12
Know PV online training 12
PV for the Local Safety Contact and L-QPPV online training 13
PV Refresher online training 13
Essential Safety Reporting for the Investigator Site online training 14
Essential Pharmacovigilance (Electronic and paper book) 15
PV for ALL - a guide to recognizing and reporting product safety information (Electronic and paper book) 15
Data Management 16
GCP for Clinical Data Management online training 16
A Guide to GCP for Clinical Data Management (Electronic and paper book) 16
GCP for Laboratories 17
GCP for Clinical Laboratories - online training in GCLP 17
Good Clinical Practice for Laboratories (Electronic and paper book) 16
Non-Interventional Studies 18
Non-Interventional Studies, General Principles (Module 1) online training 18
Non-Interventional Studies, Practical Aspects (Module 2) online training 18
Non-Interventional Studies Essentials for Investigators online training 20
Essential Guide to Non-Interventional Studies electronic book 20
UK Clinical Trial Regulations 22
Learn & Refresh UK Clinical Trial Regulations online training 22
The UK Clinical Trial Regulations electronic and paper book 23
Do You Know...? electronic books 23
OECD Principles of GLP (electronic and paper book) 24
EU Clinical Trial Regulation 2014 No. 536 - with index (electronic and paper book) 24
Key Requiremnets Affecting Clinical Trials in Europe (electronic and paper book) 25
The Essentials of how to be a Great Manager (electronic and paper book) 24
Clinical Research and Quality Assurance Advisor Newsletter 26
Bespoke online training 27