2021 Online Training Brochure NEW v10 November 2021

Visit www.brookwood-global.com for further details and to order online GCLP Regs NIS CDM PV GDPR GCP Contents Introduction Our online training courses: NEW: Three online courses on the EU Clinical Trial Regulation Fundamentals of GCP Essential GCP for Sponsors GCP Refresher for Sponsors Essential GCP for Investigators GCP Refresher for Investigators Are you ready for … a GCP inspection? Risk Management in Clinical Trials GCP for Clinical Data Management Are you ready for … a PV inspection? PV for ALL Essential PV – Know PV PV for the Local Safety Contact and L-QPPV PV Refresher Essential Safety Reporting for the Investigator Site Non-interventional Studies, General Principles (Module 1) NIS, Practical Aspects (Module 2) NIS Essentials for Investigators The Principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) GCP for Clinical Laboratories Learn & Refresh UK Clinical Trial Regulations